History and past honorees

Brief History of Avalanche Divas

  • Idea first conceived at the 2004 ISSW in Jackson Hole, WY by Nicole Greene, ISSW 206  Co-Chair
  • Partership with Leslie Ross of Babes in The Backcountry of Breckenridge, CO
  • First Divas event, "Ladies' Night" at the 2006 ISSW in Telluride, CO
  • Our premiere as the "Avalanche Divas" at the 2008 ISSW in Whistler, BC

The past Honorees

  • ISSW 2012 Honorees : Anchorage, Alaska, USA

  • ISSW 2010 Honorees : Squaw Valley, California, USA

  • ISSW 2009 Honorees : Davos, Switzerland

Glòria Martí, Institut Geològic de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain
Glòria Martí is a geologist of the Geological Institut of Catalonia since 1991. She developed and works in the avalanche forecasting programme, avalanche mapping and databasing for the Pyrenees. She also teaches avalanche courses and is a member of the Working Group of European Avalanche Forecasting Services.
Cécile Coléou
, CEN Centre d’Études de la Neige, Météo France, Grenoble, France
Cécile Coléou is a meteorologist and since 1986 with CEN, Grenoble. She works there as a researcher in snow modelling. Since 2004 she is head of the French Avalanche Forecasting Service. She teaches avalanche courses and is a member of the ISSW09 International Programme Advisory Board as well as a member of the Working Group of European Avalanche Forecasting Services.

Margherita Maggioni, Università di Torino, Italy
Margherita Maggioni is a physicist and her professional snow work started in 2001 with SLF. Since 2006 she has been a researcher at the University of Torino and her main fields of interest are avalanche dynamics and snow cover evolution. She is a member of the ISSW09 International Programme Advisory Board.
Betty Sovilla
, WSL Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF, Davos, Switzerland
Betty Sovilla is a civil engineer and worked as a researcher with SLF since 2000. For the last three years she was head of the SLF Avalanche Dynamics Group and in charge of the large-scale avalanche dynamics test site Vallée de la Sionne, Switzerland. Previously, she also worked for the Avalanche Center at Arabba, Italy and consulted for the Italian National Electric Power Corporation.

Nina Levy, observation network SLF, Sedrun, Switzerland
Nina Levy has worked as a snow and avalanche observer for the Swiss Avalanche Forecasting Service and observation network since 1976. During the last years, she also worked as field instructor in the SLF snow and avalanche courses.

The Avalanche Divas were nominated by the ISSW organising committee, the ISSW09 International Programme Advisory Board and the previously presented Avalanche Divas.

  • ISSW 2008 Honorees : Whitsler, British Columbia, Canada

A special tribute to Jerry Nunn who is a National Ski Patrol Avalanche Spacialist in large part responsible for the Avalauncher's prominence and succes was made by Janet Kellam. Our honorres for this special night included: Lin Ballars, Mary Clayton, Margie Jamieson, Nancy Pfeiffe and Lynne Wolfe.

  • ISSW 2006 Honorees : Telluride, Colorado, USA

In honor of the late Sue Ferguson and here significant contributions to the snow and avalanche field, a tribute was made by other pioneering women and special guest (and honorary diva!), Ed LaChappelle. Our Honorrees for the evening included : Betsy Armstrong, Patti Burnette, Jill Fredston, Fay Johnson, Janet Kellam, Sandy Kobrock, Evelyn Lees and Christine Pielmeier.

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