Monday, October 13, 2008

Avalanche Divas Facts

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BC Babe said...

The Avalanche Divas Night went beyond expectation. The evening united countries and states, generations and interests. We were all blown away by the amazing contributions of each of the honorees, especially our special honoree Jerry Nunn, the Original Diva!!!! Who it appears has set the stage for all who follow in her footsteps. From the food, to the beverages provided by Recco, to the incredible gifts provided by the event sponsor that each women in attendance received for their backcountry pursuits....the buzz from the evening is still resonating inside each of us.

Nicole and Volunteer Crew- thank you again all for your hard work. Any Divas ready to join the organizing crew....we are ready for some new blood to help keep this tradition and growing community of amazing women thriving. I too hope you all enjoy this blog and the birth of a network for you....the women in the field of snow and avalanches.