Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Last Call For Diva Nominees!

ISSW is just around the corner and we have received a number of Diva nominees. I know many of you are just starting to think winter and if you have a colleague or a friend you would like to nominate to be honored as a 2010 Diva please email before September 15th. Send your nominations to: Thanks! I look forward to seeing you all in October. Aleph

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Sarah Carter said...

May I nominate Lori Zacaruk. She is leading snowmobile avalanche awareness and education. Talk about crossing boundaries; she has taken the machine by the handlebars and held on for a wild ride. She has taught thousands of snowmobilers avalanche skills, leading the way for further education development and outreach. She tirelessly attends meetings, participates in discussion and campaigns for improved avalanche education for snowmobilers. She is a link to the snowmobile community that we need to cultivate and encourage.